A lazy Saturday morning….

When the boys are away, the girls will play! A lazy saturday morning turned into a Fashion show + Photoshoot. I love my girls! It’s such a treat for me when my they voluntarily asks me to photograph them..what can I say?? YES PLEASE!!
Not only will it allow me to practice, practice, practice my craft, but to also allow me to spend the quality time with the two most important girls in my life.
Deciding on which outfit to wear took FOREVER..so to make things easier..I told them that I would only be taking their headshots. No biggie…off to the make-up station they go!
Using the window light and just my large light diffuser as a background (used the white, gold and black sides) set up was fast!

I sat on the couch watching my girls put make-up on..thinking wow..they really have grown up! Cora deciding on the color pallet she wanted to go with (I had mentioned the gold background and so she chose the gold tone make up (the girl has a future in make-up artistry! ). Miah, with Cora’s persuasion..went with pink.
I know I am biased..but I’m so blown away with how beautiful, smart, how sweet and caring they both are..how fast they are both growing…how much I love them to the very core of my soul. I have been blessed with these two little ladies and I don’t know what I did to have been so lucky.

The natural diffused lighting coming from the window is all the light I needed. When all possible, shoot with natural light. When your camera settings are right and you have natural light… There really isn’t anything better. Using my 50mm f/1.8, this is one of my favorite lens. It’s sharp and accurate. I take it off auto focus and manually focus. I shoot away!! 🙂

With little direction from me, Cora first then Miah, posed and smiled. Oh how they loved being in front of the camera…for a whole 20 minutes! Then “mom are we done? our friends are outside waiting for us..” …yes darlings..go play. This precious time with my daughters I will cherish dearly. I have beautiful pictures of my girls that I will print, frame and display in my home so every time I see the photographs, it will remind me of our lazy Saturday morning together.

.IMG_2632 copy IMG_2647 copy IMG_2660 copyIMG_2667 copyIMG_2674IMG_2544IMG_2552 IMG_2553IMG_2567IMG_2587 IMG_2699 



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Mother, wife and photographer. I love my life.
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